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  • Versa Valves
    • Solenoid & control valves, Stainless Steel, Brass & Aluminum.
    • SIL 2 & SIL 3 Certified Products.
    • General purpose, Ex-Proof, Intrinsic-Safe operators.
    • Offshore, industrial process, automation & agriculture applications.
    • Latching devices with manual reset.
    • Wide range of diameters from M5(10/32) to 1.25".

  • BETA b.v.
    • Pressure, Differential Pressure, Vacuum & Temperature Switches.
    • Offshore, industrial process, automation & agriculture applications.
    • Unique Piston/Diaphragm design.
    • Wide range of "wetted" parts for best corrosion resist.
    • General purpose, Ex-Proof & Intrinsic Safe applications.

  • ControlAir Inc.
    • Precision regulators, I/P, E/P, pneumatic boosters, diaphragm cylinders.
    • Offshore, Industrial Process, Automation & Agriculture Applications.

  • R-K Valves
    • Thermo-Plastic valves, regulators, relief valves, etc.(PVC, PP, PVDF, Teflon)
    • Industrial process, automation & agriculture applications.

  • Dr. Breit
    • Complete range of Hydrolics and Pneumatics valves and systems, for On/Offshore applications.
    • Special solenoid valves for high pressure applications.
    • For full range of products click here

  • Peristaltic Pumps - Piston Pumps - Syring Pumps.
    • Metering Pumps for liquid and gas.
    • Offshore, industrial process, automation & agriculture applications.
      Research & Organic laboratories.
    • Suitable for batch dispense or continues flow control.
    • Available with AC motors, Variable DC control & Stepper motors.

  • Triangle Research
    • The first Internet Supported PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
    • Wide capabilities, unique for OEM users, Low cost.
    • Wide range of displays, key-board & HMI.
    • Ethernet , RS-232 & RS-485 communication ports.
    • Digital & Analogue inputs/Outputs.
    • Unique capabilities for Stepper & DC motors controls.

  • Mor Advanced Metering Systems
    • One off the most accurate Liquid Metering Systems in the world.
    • Suitable for Batch or Continues flow, from few Micro-liters/Min and higher.

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