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Fx1616-BA Super PLC
  Floating Point Mathmatics
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TRi-Triangle Research Int'l Super PLC Fx1616BA with Flaoting Point.

Fx1616-BA Product Data Sheet
(link to TRi web site)

The Fx1616-BA PLC based on 32Bit CPU with Floating Point processing. The unit integrated with the new Triangle Research SmartTILE Fx logic engine.

The Fx1616-BA has built in 16DI & 16DO, 8AI & 4AO, and could be expanded to 128DI & 128DO.

The integrated DI suitable for 24VAC or 24VDC, NPN or PNP signals.

The integrated DO including 8 x Dry Contact Relays suitable for AC or DC, and other 4 x 4A MOSFET drivers.

The Fx1616-BA has wide range of communications capabilities including 1xRS23, 2xRS485 and built-in Ethernet port that allows up to 6 simultaneus connections using Modbus/TCP and ASCII protocols to comunicate with remote HMI, SCADA systems, others instruments and controllers.

A special interface to use allow addition of third-party radio module, known as XBEE which provide interface to XBEE wireless sensors or controllers.

For full preformance information, pls read <Fx1616-BA Products Data Sheet> or visit <Fx1616-BA Product Web Page> in TRi web site.

General info:
* 32 Bit CPU w/ Floating Point Math
* FRAM & Data Flash Memory
* Battery backed Real Time Clock
* 1 x RS-232 Comm Port
* 2 x RS-485 Comm ports
* 1 x Ethernet Port (Modbus/TCP)
* 1 x IR (Infra Red) control
* 1 x XBEE socket
* 16 Digital In & 16 Digital Out, including:
    3 x Quadrature Pairs for Encoders (multiplexed with Inputs #1 to #6)
    6 x Pulse Measurement (multiplexed with Inputs #1 to #6)
    10 x User defined Interupts <0.5ms ((multiplexed with Inputs #1 to 6, 9 to 12)
    4 x PWM 0.00% to 100.00% Frequency 50Hz to 50KHz
    2 x Stepper control 1Hz to >=20KHz
* 8 x Analog In 0-10V (12Bit)
* 4 x Analog Out 0-10V (10Bit)
* Operating Temperaure -20 to +85 degC

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